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RACE Quality Services Agreement

Have you needed:
• Efficient solutions when atypical events stress your internal capacity?
• Immediate, short-term assistance without a purchasing delay?
• Consistent access to a Quality SME to help improve your Quality Systems?


The solution is RACE!
(Rapid Access to Coda Experts)
Coda’s RACE program allows your site rapid, remote access to one of our senior experts.
Our professionals support your needs and provide ongoing quality system assistance at your convenience.

Access to Experts: Partner with Coda’s QMS SME and guarantee access to reliable senior support from a company you trust.
Stay in Sync: Realize a higher ROI by tapping into an external resource that is already exposed to your facility, systems, and products.
Cost Effective: RACE allows expert-level services at reduced rates.


RACE Agreement
Annual Contract – Bundled hours are pre-purchased at discounted rates and are used as needed.
Expert Assistance at Your Fingertips – Control the assignments in response to your business needs without having to process multiple purchase orders.
Plan Ahead – RACE allows management to budget for inevitable times that require short-term SME support.
Large Scope – No questions too small or too large! Take advantage of the full spectrum of Coda’s services including project approach, document review and prep, and remedial planning.


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