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Our Values

We have always believed that if our clients are successful, we will be successful.

We are focused on our values – they form our quality culture.


We always:

  • Make the client the center of our focus.  We deliver our services as long as it’s in the best interest of the client.


  • Behave truthfully.  Our knowledge and experience allow us to remain current with the industry.  Our independence allows us to communicate truthfully with our clients and in their best interest, regardless of the popularity of the advice.  While this takes courage, we feel honesty in business is the only way to do business.  We are innovative, and are able to build internal support to reach solutions that meet our clients’ goals.


  • Value our resources.  We understand that our personnel are our greatest assets.  Our teams work diligently in order to earn our clients’ confidence and maintain supportive relationships.  Our senior staff routinely reviews all projects to ensure that Coda’s high standards of quality remain consistent for all clients.


  • Deliver the best of our company to each client as cost effectively as we can.  We watch your budget like we watch ours.  Efficiency breeds trusted, long-term relationships, which is our goal with every client.


We are your clients, as well, because our loved ones use the products you make.  We have a personal stake in the success of each project, and we never forget that.